Jazz By The Bay 5k Benefit

The Dream Team

Hey Family!

This year will be our 5th year participating in the Free To Breathe Lung Cancer Walk/Run! I started bringing us together at this event every year, because it's a great way to bring us all together and make a small change in such a big problem with finding succesful lung cancer treaments. We lost our mother to lung cancer August 15, 2018 after a long four year battle. Taking care of Gladys became such a BIG part of our everyday lives that I often feel lost. I often shuffle through bins of research papers and folders and wonder if I missed a treatment that could of given her just one more year. I soon come to my senses, because I know that there is nothing that any of us could have done to change the outcome. We didn't lose this fight, we won. Gladys gave us all strength in ways we didn't know existed.

Every year I look forward to us coming together to support such an amazing cause for lung cancer research. With the recent loss of our mom Gladys Gonzalez in 2018, this year marks a year of remarkable change. Unsure of what the future holds, I am certain that our individual paths are much brighter than ever before.

If you're not able to run please walk and if you're not able to attend please donate!

Please join me in another year of FIGHTING for our mom, your friend and your family!

The DREAM TEAM still lives on.



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Thank you for your support