Jazz By The Bay 5k Benefit

Team Resilience

Please join me to help defeat lung cancer!

Sunday, November 10, 2019 will mark the fourth year for Team Resilience in the Lung Cancer Research Foundation's San Diego Free to Breathe 5K. The Lung Cancer Research Foundation is an organization dedicated to improving lung cancer outcomes. Please consider making a small donation today to support this worthwhile cause.

On April first of 2015 (no fooling!), during a routine X-ray for an eye infection, my Ophthalmologist identified an unusual spot on the image of my right lung. Following a long series of CT scans, PET scans, bronchoscopies, biopsies and more, I was diagnosed with Stage II non-small cell adenocarcinoma. I had surgery that June to remove the lower lobe of my right lung, followed by four rounds of chemotherapy. Several months of clear PET scans showed a successful treatment, and I felt well enough to participate in the 2016 San Diego event. Thanks to so many of you, Team Resilience 2016 was the top fundraising group that year.

In November of 2016, I had 600 ml of fluid removed from my right pleural space. Analysis of that fluid showed the return of cancer cells, moving me to M1A, or Stage IV lung cancer, a frightening diagnosis. A sample of my tumor was sent for gene sequencing, and the resulting analysis indicated that I was a candidate for targeted gene therapy. I was treated for over a year with Erlotinib, a life-saving drug that targeted my specific gene mutation. This 21st-century medicine is the result of funding by organizations like the Lung Cancer Research Foundation, so contributions have already had a direct effect on me ... and on thousands of other patients battling lung cancer. The treatment was effective enough that I returned to San Diego in 2017 to run again. I was a minute faster, but more importantly, Team Resilience 2017 raised even more critical research dollars than our award-winning effort the year before, and Team Resilience 2018 was even more successful than that! Thanks to you, Team Resilience has raised over $15,000 to fund life-saving research.

I am now receiving a new treatment, just approved in 2018 as a first-line therapy for my specific lung cancer, and feeling well enough to assemble another team for 2019. I hope you will join us. You can come to San Diego in November to run or walk in the Jazz by the Bay 5K, you can make a donation today to this important cause and you can encourage others to join you. Your donation, and those of your friends, will help fund even more lifesaving lung cancer research and education programs so that surviving lung cancer can become the expectation, not the exception.

There are many ways you can help Team Resilience 2019 reach its goal:

Click on the "Donate Now” button to support our fundraising efforts with a donation
Register for the event and join us in San Diego
Spread the word about our fundraising efforts with friends and family or send the link to this webpage to anyone you know who would like to support this important work

My family and I thank you in advance for your generosity. I am here today because of the important work you support. Together, we can make a difference for every person whose life has been touched by lung cancer.

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