Fourteenth Annual Chicago Lung Run

Team DeMuffy
Team DeMuffy

Team DeMuffy

Myth: that only smoking can cause lung cancer.
The facts are clear: science has identified many other causations. Yet, whenever someone is diagnosed with lung cancer, our first assumption is that they smoked. The fact is up to 70% of lung cancer patients now have either quit smoking decades ago or never smoked at all.
Unfortunately, this has created a stigma that impedes our fight to make lung cancer a chronically managed disease within ten years. It has impaired treatments. It has affected funding for research. And it has influenced our understanding of how lung cancer works and who should take the blame.
Know this: it is the leading cancer killer of men and women in the United States by a long shot, leading to 154,000 deaths of someone’s husband, wife, son, daughter, mother, father, sister, brother, or friend every single year. By comparison, pancreatic cancer, the second-most fatal form of cancer, kills around 44,000 people yearly. That’s a 70-percent difference between the two.
In fact, more than 20 percent of lung cancer patients are never smokers, and a growing number of newly-diagnosed patients are under 39 years old, have never smoked and are athletes.
Here’s the bottom line: lung cancer makes up about 30% of all cancer deaths, yet receives less than ten percent of overall cancer research funding. Let that sink in for a minute.
For a cancer with a five-year survival rate of just 18 percent, we cannot afford this stigma to justify a lack of support any longer. We have a responsibility to erase the stigma surrounding lung cancer as self-inflicted.

Support us in our mission to erase the stigma and fund Lung Cancer Research:

  • Donate to a team member to support our fundraising efforts – find the team list on the right side of this page
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  • Spread the word about our fundraising efforts by sending the link to this webpage to everyone you know

The money we raise together will fund vital research that will save lives. You can help us bring hope to those affected by lung cancer.

Please donate today and invite a friend to do the same. If you can join our team for the event, we’d love to have you! We can’t wait to celebrate our successes with you on event day.

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