Fourteenth Annual Chicago Lung Run

Doing It For Dave

It’s hard to believe that Labor Day is almost upon us! Jeff, Zinnia and I have had a great few months: we started the summer by celebrating Zinnia’s third birthday the day after Memorial Day; had a week-long extended family vacation in Long Beach Island, NJ over July 4th; have enjoyed mostly-sunny weather at the beach, picnicking at outdoor concerts, and at street festivals with friends in Chicago; and Zinnia and I just returned from an amazing weekend trip to visit Jeff while he worked on a job in San Francisco.

Unfortunately, almost 18 years ago, lung cancer robbed my father, David Stankus, of being present for these experiences, and us to be able to share in them with him. He would have turned 70 years old this December, and I know that he especially would have loved seeing his grandchildren playing together at some of the same places my sister and I enjoyed as children during our week in LBI in July. There remains so much currently going on in our country and in the world that needs our attention and assistance, but I'm again to asking for your support for the 2018 Chicago Lung Run. The Lung Run is an annual event in Chicago that raises much-needed awareness and funds for research in the fight against lung cancer. Lung cancer remains the leading cancer killer of both men and women in the U.S.: approximately 19 people die from lung cancer each hour -- more than 25,000 who, like my dad, were not smokers.

Team "Doing It for Dave" is again fundraising to support this important event - proceeds will benefit innovative lung cancer research projects through the Lung Cancer Research Foundation. We are taking a stand against lung cancer, and we hope you'll stand with us! Together, we can make a difference to those affected by this devastating disease. We would be super grateful to again have your support, in any amount, in memory of my dear dad and Zinnia's dear grandpa to honor his 70th birthday. Here are three ways you can join us in making this vision a reality:

Donate to a team member to support our fundraising efforts – find the team list on the right side of this page;
Click on the “Join” button to join Team “Doing It For Dave”;
Spread the word about our fundraising efforts by sending the link to this webpage to others.

The money we raise together will fund vital research that will save lives. You can help us bring hope to those affected by lung cancer. Please donate today and invite a friend to do the same. If you can join our team for the event, we’d love to have you!

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