2019 Chicago Lung Run

Team Bud

It's that time again - we've been at this for 11 years!!!  And as so many of you know, I lost my dad in April 2008, 13 days after his official diagnosis.  Understandably, it was a very difficult time -- and to make it worse, he was not a candidate for surgery or chemo.  Team Bud was formed only 5 months after we lost my dad.  This was done in an effort to take a stand against lung cancer and in celebrating and remember his life.  This AMAZING team has raised close to $25,000.00 since September 2008.  

Unfortunately, since that time, there are many friends and family members who have lost someone to lung cancer, many who have been supporters/members of this team.  This race and fundraiser in memory of all of their wonderful souls, too.

Together, we can make a difference to those affected by this devastating disease. We can show the world that it’s time to make surviving lung cancer the expectation, not the exception. 

Here are so many ways you can help Team Bud make this vision a reality:

  • Donate to a team member to support our fundraising efforts – find the team list on the right side of this page.  We can take any payment - $5.00 to whatever.  
  • Walk/Run for Team Bud.  Click on the “Join” button to join our team (we average 10 team members every year!). There are 5k and 10k run options, or 1 mile walk.
  • GOLF!  Team Bud golf tourney - $50.00 gets you 18 holes, lunch, and a fun time, all while helping fight this disease.  It's scheduled for Saturday, September 7, 2019 with tee times between 1:00pm - 1:56pm. 32 slots available!  

All the money we raise together will fund vital research that will save lives. You can help us bring hope to those affected by lung cancer.

Please get involved!  We can’t wait to celebrate our successes with you on event day.  GO TEAM BUD!

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Thank you for your support

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