2021 Free to Breathe Walk

Team Jim Celebre and Joe Head Brennan

Hard to believe It is now 11 years since ny husband Jimmy passed away. Now 2 year for my brother in law Joe Brennan.and cousin Louis Larovere.all from lung cancer. Since that time,now 11 years, many may or may not know I joined the Lung Cancer Walk/Run to raise money for research and education. (this year,due to Covid it will still  be virtua)l. My sister Linda joined forces with me last year to double our efforts. With the support of family, friends and coworkers we surpassed our goal of $5000, raising $6300.

 Unfortunately, statistics have not changed much over the years. Lung cancer still  remains the no.1 cancer killer in men and women. and still the least funded. Approximately, 235,000 people are diagnosed every year and almost 132,000 will die. The 5 year survival rate for all types of lung canbcer is 19%, for small cell lung cancer 7%. My husband from non small cell cancer died 2 months after diagnosis. My brother in law lived less than 5 years , despite surgery, chemo,  and radiation. My cousin Louis less than 1 year. 

Obviously, there needs to be more research and education, starting at young ages.  Smoking causes 80% of lung cancers.

Please help us to make a change. If you can and will please donate to this worthy cause.  http://participate.lcrf.org/goto/jimandjoe2021

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