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Team DLW

Welcome to Diane’s Lung Walk page! This team (Team DLW) is dedicated to raising money and awareness for the Lung Cancer Research Foundation in memory of Diane White. Diane was a beloved Wife, Daughter, Sister, Aunt, Grandmother, and Friend. She gave selflessly and made a positive impact on the many lives she touched. Diane was the biggest cheerleader for EVERYONE in her life; no matter how small of a triumph one had, she always celebrated it as the biggest win.

We are honoring her memory and paying it forward by raising money and awareness for this cause that we now hold so near and dear. We hope our contribution to Lung Cancer Research will help keep others from a similar pain and suffering. Diane would certainly be our biggest supporter in this endeavor, but we know she is still cheering us on in a big way!

You can become a part of our amazing Team DLW by donating or joining our walk and fundraising efforts.

Please join our walk, we'll be meeting at Park United Presbyterian Chruch and starting the walk at 9:00am.  It's a 2 mile walk and we'll end with some light refreshments back at the Church Hall.  

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