2020 Free to Breathe Yoga

Christmas 2015 and of course Mom is wearing a Tweety sweatshirt!
Christmas 2015 and of course Mom is wearing a Tweety sweatshirt!

Team Tweety

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What a year we are having wow! By now, we have all learned how so much can change in no time at all...how we need to shift and create a 'new normal' for ourselves, family, friends, etc.

And now you know what life is like for someone just diagnosed with cancer.

As all events in our world right now, the Free to Breathe Yoga Event has had to go virtual for 2020, happening this Saturday, June 20, starting at 10CST and for just one hour.

Each of us have a different reason to participate in this event and to advocate for lung cancer awareness, education & fundraising. We are all forever grateful for all of you and how we come together to make a difference in someone's life! Team Tweety was inspired by our Mom, Granny, wife & friend, Nancy Adducci - she helped name this team for the event in 2016, expressing her love of Tweety Bird! Since then, Team Tweety has raised $25,975!!! Our story is below and although we can't bring her back, with your help, we can certainly impact the lives of those that are dealing with this horrible disease now & in the future.

One minute, one hour, one day...

In one minute, someone's life can completely change when they hear the words 'you have lung cancer'...

In one hour,
groundbreaking research can extend & save someone's life...$100 funds 1 hour of critical research...

In one day, our team is asking for your help in raising as much money as possible...today...Thursday June 18

Imagine the impact you can have during this one minute of this one hour of this one day!

Please considering helping us over achieve our goal by:
• Clicking on the “Donate” button to support our fundraising efforts with a donation
• Spreading the word about our fundraising efforts by sending the link to this webpage to everyone you know

The LCRF Madison Free to Breathe Yoga Challenge unites people who are passionate about yoga and dedicated to improving the lives of each and every person affected by lung cancer. This is our opportunity to create a better world by making a difference for those very people and their families!

With gratitude, love & light...Team Tweety

Nancy's story...

Growing up in Chicago had it's ups & downs - that all came together at 19, when she met the love of her life, Jim Adducci. They were married on May 6, 1961 and together, through 55 years of marriage, built a wonderful life. They raised 3 children, Marybeth, Joanne & James. Her eyes would light up and the stories would flow when anyone asked about her 3 beautiful grandchildren, Danielle, Adam and Hogan. She was feisty, chatty, friendly & had a zest for life and desire to be around people that led her to many different things over the years. If she were here today she'd say her claim to fame was being an accomplished shopper (and being the neatest pack rat ever)!! She loved to cook and the kitchen was her domain. She was the jack of all trades having various jobs over the years, learned to golf later in life and loved to read. After my Dad retired, they never spent one day away from each other.

In October 2015, they went to the ER because 'this bronchitis won't go away'. That's when they learned that my Mom didn't have bronchitis at all...she had stage 4 lung cancer. We called on Joanne's friend Susan, working for Free to Breathe (and a lung cancer survivor) because we knew that Susan would know what to say and where to point us, so that we could have a starting point in asking questions and getting answers. After one very rough chemo treatment in Nov 2015, she chose quality over quantity. And for the next ten months she lived every day with grit, a smile and determination that she was going to survive her metastatic adenocarcinoma lung cancer diagnosis. We lost Mom on September 4, 2016.

Team Tweety will represent in memory of everything she stood for - we know she is watching from above and will offer love and guidance to all of us, every day, as we fight to improve lung cancer outcomes together.

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