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KRAS KickersKRAS Kickers and Lung Cancer Research Foundation are thrilled to be able to partner to raise funds for KRAS research!

100% of your support will go directly to an investigator researching KRAS positive lung cancer.

Stay tuned for more announcements, and let's continue to provide support for our community through advancing research and improving patient outcomes together!

KRAS Kickers ( connects people to current research, resources & community to Kick Cancer's KRAS!
Empowering the KRAS community with
K| KRAS knowledge
  R |Research, resources
    A |Advocacy, alliances
      S | Survivorship, science

LCRF has a history of funding the best researchers in the field, including well over a million dollars specifically looking into KRAS positive lung cancer.

We need your help! Here are four ways you can contribute:

  1. Make a tax deductible online donation
  2. Create your own fundraising page! Proceeds from a lemonade stand, garage sale, birthday celebration, email campaign, etc. can help us reach our goal. You'll see step-by-step instructions when you start your page.
  3. Reach your family and friends through Facebook fundraising. After you sign up here to create a fundraising page, you can make a new Facebook fundraiser right from your Participant Center! Any donations will be counted towards your total.
  4. Mail in a check. Please make sure that you write "For KRAS Kickers" in the memo section and mail it to:
    Lung Cancer Research Foundation
    501 7th Avenue, Suite 401
    New York, NY 10018